Montag, 31. August 2009

Hey everbody!

It's Lorenz! Thats the first time I'm sending strings of words your way. Rather late I know. But hey, I just recently returned from VENICE, ITALY where I went to see the VENICE ART BIENNALE!

It was the first time I've been to the Art Biennal and I was absolutely blown away! I loved how much thought the artists put into their artworks and how many different ways of interpreting the works of modern art they offered. I did a hell of a lot of walking and was pretty exhausted at the end of the day, since the two main areas of the Biennale are A: pretty huge alone and B: not linked together, so you have to walk like half an hour to get from the Arsenale to the Giardini. It was worth it though.

I was especially impressed by Italian sculptor ARON DEMETZ who did sculptures in the form of human bodies carved out of wood and dripped parts of the bodies with pine resin. It looked absolutely amazing.

3 of Aron Demetz' wooden sculptures.

As I saw, Alex briefed you on some of my characteristics and if I remember correctly she mentioned I like streetstyle blogs such as The Sartorialist or Facehunter or Garance Doré's blog. Well, I didn't shoot any Venetians but I sure saw a couple of very well dressed people. I like the way the Italians dress. A lot of pretty women were roaming the narrow alleys in black short dresses and sandals. They didn't have a lot of accessories but one main accessory due to the burning sun were of course sunglasses ( I saw a shitload of Wayfarers) and also hats! You may say: Well isn't that how women all over the world dress in the summer? But I say, Italian women dress in a way thats effortlessly classic and elegant, yet simple AND sexy. 

I also saw a lot of men similar to several posts of Scott Schumann of The Sartorialist who shot a lot of well dressed male Italians during Milan fashion week. Casually worn shirts, loafers, often rather brightly colored (or white) trousers and a belt. Very classic, very Italian. I did a drawing so you have a rough idea what I'm talking about. Please bear with my lack of drawing skills...

Oh and while I'm still talking about Venice: You can't go to Venice without checking out the PEGGY GUGGENHEIM COLLECTION. Who hasn't already been there, definitely has to on the next visit to Venice. It's one of the most appealing collections I've seen in quite some time with works ranging from Picasso's "La Baignade" to a couple of Jackson Pollocks, sculptures by Duchamp and Giacometti just to mention a tiny bit of what you can see there.

Well that's it for now. Alex and I went down to Vienna's Zieglergasse today to meet up with designer EDITH A'GAY, who was kind enough to give us the opportunity to interview her even though she has an amazingly filled timetable! Thanks for squeezing us in there Edith!:)

So while Alex is converting the audio into text, sit tight everybody and keep checking back! The interview is going to be up in no time and it sure was a pleasure to talk to very gifted and inspiring Edith A'gay!



My dear streetstyleblog loving and reading friend, I have got news!!

Yvan Rodic also known as the Facehunter will be in Vienna during the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK. So take out your favourite clothes and get shot ;)

x, a.


Last Thursday we had our first interview for the blog and I have to tell you I was quite nervous. After spending my morning at a press presentation at the hotel Triest (a really nice design hotel) I was sooo tired that I had 2 redbulls and around 5 espressos, maybe that’s the reason for my jumping heart. ;) Anyhow,… Arriving at this rooftop atelier/flat Raphael the one half of the duo, offered us Colafläschen (a really strong bribe) and so we sat down and start talking about fashion, beauty, Japan and learned how a French literature student started to become a designer.

AW: Noriko is from Japan, you are from Austria, Raphael, tell us how did this collaboration happen?
KOR; I studied in Japan for a year and a half and had an internship in a fashion company. That’s when I met Noriko for the first time. I was really impressed by Noriko and the way she sees fashion. So we started thinking about starting our own brand and here we are -KOR!

AW: So you met in Japan: What is Norikos background?
KOR: She studied philosophy first but then found her passion for fashion.  After finishing college in Belgium she wanted to be more independent. So we started KOR.

AW: So are you a Japanese or an Austrian label?
KOR: For us, the nationality isn’t important. Our fashion lives from ideas and creativity not from the culture of our home countries. We are just a fashion brand!

AW: Philosophy is something totally different from fashion. How does philosophy influence your fashion?
KOR: Your collection is named "The Female in Aestheticism". Aestheticism is a genre in literature. It was established in the 19th century and defines beauty as the ultimate purpose in life. The individual has the freedom to choose his own definition of beauty.  Beauty for example could be romantic and sweet, as well as evil and bad. One can see the total beauty in a flower, another one in killing a human being. We give special attention to cut and body line to represent the concept of the collection.

AW: Why have you chosen Austria to start your career in fashion?
KOR: Austria is a small country with a small fashion scene. Because of that it is not that hard to get in touch with the right people. In cities like Paris or London the competition is huge so starting a brand is not easy at all.

AW: And do you like Vienna?
KOR: I really do like Vienna. All the people on the street have a smile on their faces.

AW: What are your next steps?
KOR: We hope that we can get in touch with a lot of people and build up our international connections to show our collections next year in Berlin and Paris.

AW: Do you dress up for yourself or for others? 
KOR: We think it is important to find the right balance. Everything is about expression and impression. Fashion means caring about yourself and for others. That is also the theme of your next collection: Finding the middle way between the inside and the outside!

AW: Who do you admire? Who influences you?
KOR: I really like Ann Demeulemeester, Vivienne Westwood and Yohji Yamamoto. But I actually take all my inputs for my work out of the books I read. While reading questions arise and I try to answer these questions through my work.

AW: Where do you produce your clothes?
KOR: We produce in Vienna and the fabrics are being sourced from local suppliers to ensure high quality in product and material. That makes our production more expensive but ensures the high quality.

AW: What’s your goal in life?
KOR: For me the most important thing in life is to surprise people and make people feel something. If you provoke through your fashion it is easy to get a feedback from people but if your fashion is simpler and clean it harder. You have to ensure quality and have a story behind your clothes to get a feedback.

KOR @ MQ VIENNA FASHIONWEEK 2009 Stand 113/ Showroom

Sonntag, 30. August 2009


I ask my dear friend Stefan Baranek who comes from a none fashion backround, I actually think that he never thought about fashion before I ask him to do so; to write something about it! I think that it is really interesting to hear opinions from none fashion people about this subject. So read and enjoy!

"Was stellt man sich als aufgrund seiner fehlenden „Andersartigkeit“ als „normal“ zu bezeichnender Bürger eines mitteleuropäischen Landes unter dem Begriff „Mode“ vor?
Eine noch weitaus wichtigere Frage wäre, was man denn nun als ein der deutschen Orthographie sowie Syntax mächtiges – und deshalb als auf diesem Gebiet „begabt“ geltendes -  Individuum zu einem derartigen Blog beitragen soll, wenn man von der dafür verantwortlichen Person danach gefragt wird.
Man könnte zum Beispiel erwähnen, dass Mode an sich etwas Greifbares, etwas Körperliches und damit im Gegensatz zu sagen wir, diversen Gefühlen oder Empfindungen etwas Konkretes ist.
Obwohl wir uns im täglichen Leben kaum mehr damit auseinandersetzen, als was genau jemand wann wie und wo zur Schau trägt, mit einem kritischen Blick zu prüfen und entweder mit Neid oder Belustigung darauf zu reagieren, wage ich hier zu behaupten, dass wir uns der wahren Bedeutung und damit dem wahren Zweck von Mode keineswegs bewusst sind: Mode  kaschiert, verdeckt, täuscht und verschleiert!!
Man stelle sich einen Tag vor, an dem jedermann und –frau nichts anderes trägt als sein beziehungsweise ihm maßgeschneidertes und deshalb nicht zum Ablegen gedachtes berühmt-berüchtigtes „Adamskostüm“.
Ganz zu schweigen von der individuellen Belästigung durch die jeweils vorherrschende Witterung – man denke an Regen und Gewitter – wäre wohl auch die kollektive Belästigung – beispielsweise durch üppige Körperbehaarung, Schweiß und andere unansehnliche Produktionen des menschlichen Körpers verursacht – ein nicht zu vernachlässigender Faktor!
Dass der moderne, am Kapitalismus und seinen Blüten großen Gefallen findende Homo sapiens dazu neigt, aus allem und jedem Gewinn und Ansehen zu schlagen und natürlich auch alles, was mit dem so viel gebrauchten Begriff „Mode“ nur irgendwie in Zusammenhang steht davon nicht verschont blieb, ist selbstverständlich eine andere Geschichte, zu der sich der Verfasser dieser Zeilen gerne äußern wird, sofern er gefragt wird."

written by Stefan Baranek 

Have a nice sunday!
x, a.

Freitag, 28. August 2009

K [O] R

We in front of the KOR atelier  
Interview will follow soon! 

x, a.

Streetstyle Details

Alexandra and I searched the Mariahilferstraße for people who -we think- have an unique style. And tatatatata we really found some!  So read, enjoy and get inspired!

Streetstyle search on Mariahelperstreet --> untere Mariahilferstraße



Wolf Haas & Fashion

I just came home from a public reading of Wolf Haas´s new book. It was really nice: Open air at the MQ! After the reading Isabelle and I took the chance to ask him about his attidute towards fashion. His only comment was, that he can not think about something right now. He is too "KO", he said. We do understand that. Imaging reading in front of 2500 ( I heard someone from Ö3 saying that around 2500 people were there to hear him speak!).

x, a.

Donnerstag, 27. August 2009


Sooooo. I think that it is time to write about the Fashion Week. The MQ Vienna Fashion Week will start on the 24 and will go on till the 27 of September 2009. 

4 days of fashion, parties, lifestyle, art, entertainment, fun AND MORE.
A lot of national and international designers will show their amazing work.  And now the good news for every fashion loving person out there who just hasn’t made it into the fashion world yet (or everyone else who shows a bit of interest in fashion):

EVERYONE CAN BUY TICKETS!!!  What everyone you ask yourself??? Yes everyone!!! It’s an event not just for buyers, influential fashion people or really rich women who can afford to actually buy the clothes. 
Just go on type in Vienna Fashion Week 2009 and schwubsdiwup you can buy the tickets. 11 €! 11€ are nothing when you consider that you can see all the shows at that day as well as see all the designers at their stables, talk to them and buy the clothes.
This blog will be the medium to get really really really close to whats going on at the fashion week. We will sneak our way backstage, report from there, have interview with designers and most of all we will update you!

News, shows, parties, gossip, the feeling at the show, the people around it, maybe even famous ones???
Famous people… I really don’t know what to think about famous people. When they are famous for something good, like there are really good at acting or singing or whatever, I don’t mind them, but when they doing nothing and getting famous for doing nothing I cant stand it. And I don’t like some of their attitudes. Okay, a lot of people know you face but aren’t we all the same when it comes to things like brushing their teeth or going to the ladies room (such a funny word, isn’t it, ladies room, ahahaha)…right?!?) But I hope that I will be convinced from the opposite!

While writing this we were listening to “Such great hights” from Iron& Wine. Such a great song! They will see us waving from such great hight hmmmmm . . .

A lot of great designers will show their work. ( What is the aim of a fashion show? To promote not so famous designers and show their great work and creativity to a broad audience.  Austria has a lot of potential that is not seen in the world.

We have around 9 Million inhabitants; whole London has more than that! We do have a lot of potential in your home country but I think we are just too small. In Austria its an unwritten law to go abroad, have a nice career there and come back later to be the star. Austria is a creative country that should be more recognized in the big wide world.

What do you think? 

I´m off for my first interview for the blog with KOR fashion, later more!
x, a.

Mittwoch, 26. August 2009


Okay I was wrong. Not all of my co-workers introduce themselves. Lorenz is on holiday right now. So I will take over.
Lorenz likes photography. Lorenz likes art. Lorenz is an architecture student at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Lorenz loves making Polaroid pictures. (He actually gave me my first Polaroid camera as a birthday present, ahhh I love my Polaroid camera). Lorenz makes music ( Lorenz loves Fashion blogs. Lorenz plays the guitar very well. Lorenz drinks beer like water. Lorenz is a dreamer. Lorenz doesn’t eat a lot. Lorenz writes music instead of a diary.  Lorenz cuts his own hair. Lorenz makes his own clothes.
I`m sure there are a lot more really interesting things to say about Lorenz but at the moment I really don’t have the time to write more. I´m working you know…. J
X, a.

Jes, der iss.

Isabelle von Spreckelsen. An austrian arty farty fashion blog without me? -No way.
As one daughter of my parents, an architect marketing art manager dad and a graphic art webdesigner mum I had to do something creative. Also on the world wide web.
Most of my lifetime is spend on being creative or thinking about ideas - during sleep too.
Fashion school Palace Hetzendorf in Vienna directed me and gave me the basic knowledge. Some fashion and drawing courses, magazines and designers too.
Nevertheless, Alexandra told me to write something about myself. So. Vintage. Best Golden Retrievered Doggyfriend. Fashion Advisor for Family & Co. 1Km swimtraining each day. Photographer. Stylist. Catwalkchoreographer. Noncoffeedrinker.
Fotoshootlocationsearcher. Thumbelinasongsinger. Yes, I can. Fashion History addicted. Juniorscreenwriter. In love with color/ color contrasts and neoncolors. By the way, I´m not a Krocha! (Austrian know what is meant). Artmaker. Hatwearer. I love my hat. 
                                              Next to being 19 at the moment (getting older at the same moment) I work hard on my sense of humour. Based on my nighttimes in the jokebox it improved over the years. 
Starting blogging, working and being busy is important to bring you good, new and interesting stuff on this blog. Enjoy!

Der is ä först taim vor eweriesing...

I will have a blog. I was looking around a bit irritated so that my boss told me again:“ You will start a blog about the fashion week!“ I swallowed. A blog!?! I have thought about starting one a few times but always considered my life as boring and not that exciting so every time those ideas appeared in my mind and quickly abounded them. But now things have changed, my life has changed. I started working! Not a normal boring job, NO something exciting and different.  ;) IM AN ASSISTANT AT THE MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK 2009!!! I’m dealing with the press and now witting a blog about this unique event. 

I think when starting a blog one should introduce oneself. So here I am. A 19- year- old fashion addicted Vienna/ London living girl.  Alexandra Bondi de Antoni, that’s me! But no I’m not Italian and will never be. I also don’t look Italian at all more a Nordic type, I guess… I am addicted to Diet Coke and coffee.  Do you think that one can be addicted to things like that? If I don’t have a diet coke a day (it has to be diet coke, not because of the calories, okay maybe a bit, but because of the taste, I really think that diet coke has another flavour that normal coke, but while living in London I always drink Coke Zero. In the UK Diet Coke tastes like Coke Zero. Strange world isn’t it! ;) ) I really get pissed. I love to wake up and have no clue what will happen next. I sometimes sit on a chair and while cleaning my Polaroid camera (yes I’m into photography. Surprise! Surprise!) I think about all the useful and needless things in life and it makes me happy! I am really bad at writing about me that’s why that self-description turns out to be just blablabla. I stop now and go on to more important things.

I almost forgot:  I’m not alone (every time I hear those word or have to write it, I remember my dark young...I was an Emo, a dark chapter of my short like ;) ) while writing that blog.  Two of my good fashion loving super creative friends will help me doing it. Isabelle von Spreckelsen and Lorenz Krisai will be my helping hands. I’m sure they will introduce themselves anyway, so I just mention their names and say something like watch out or something like that, that’s what you do on blogs, right!?!?!?

Okay now to the blog . . . There will be a lot of interesting things to be found on this blog. First of all the work around the fashion week will be documented. Who’s who? What can we expect from the show? Pix from parties around. Designers and people around the shows will be interviewed. Everyday designers will be described and let different people shout out their opinions about fashion. From Fashion experts, fashion legends to „Otto normal“ fashion interested people: everyone will have the chance to speak up their minds.
X, a.