Donnerstag, 27. August 2009


Sooooo. I think that it is time to write about the Fashion Week. The MQ Vienna Fashion Week will start on the 24 and will go on till the 27 of September 2009. 

4 days of fashion, parties, lifestyle, art, entertainment, fun AND MORE.
A lot of national and international designers will show their amazing work.  And now the good news for every fashion loving person out there who just hasn’t made it into the fashion world yet (or everyone else who shows a bit of interest in fashion):

EVERYONE CAN BUY TICKETS!!!  What everyone you ask yourself??? Yes everyone!!! It’s an event not just for buyers, influential fashion people or really rich women who can afford to actually buy the clothes. 
Just go on type in Vienna Fashion Week 2009 and schwubsdiwup you can buy the tickets. 11 €! 11€ are nothing when you consider that you can see all the shows at that day as well as see all the designers at their stables, talk to them and buy the clothes.
This blog will be the medium to get really really really close to whats going on at the fashion week. We will sneak our way backstage, report from there, have interview with designers and most of all we will update you!

News, shows, parties, gossip, the feeling at the show, the people around it, maybe even famous ones???
Famous people… I really don’t know what to think about famous people. When they are famous for something good, like there are really good at acting or singing or whatever, I don’t mind them, but when they doing nothing and getting famous for doing nothing I cant stand it. And I don’t like some of their attitudes. Okay, a lot of people know you face but aren’t we all the same when it comes to things like brushing their teeth or going to the ladies room (such a funny word, isn’t it, ladies room, ahahaha)…right?!?) But I hope that I will be convinced from the opposite!

While writing this we were listening to “Such great hights” from Iron& Wine. Such a great song! They will see us waving from such great hight hmmmmm . . .

A lot of great designers will show their work. ( What is the aim of a fashion show? To promote not so famous designers and show their great work and creativity to a broad audience.  Austria has a lot of potential that is not seen in the world.

We have around 9 Million inhabitants; whole London has more than that! We do have a lot of potential in your home country but I think we are just too small. In Austria its an unwritten law to go abroad, have a nice career there and come back later to be the star. Austria is a creative country that should be more recognized in the big wide world.

What do you think? 

I´m off for my first interview for the blog with KOR fashion, later more!
x, a.

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