Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Der is ä först taim vor eweriesing...

I will have a blog. I was looking around a bit irritated so that my boss told me again:“ You will start a blog about the fashion week!“ I swallowed. A blog!?! I have thought about starting one a few times but always considered my life as boring and not that exciting so every time those ideas appeared in my mind and quickly abounded them. But now things have changed, my life has changed. I started working! Not a normal boring job, NO something exciting and different.  ;) IM AN ASSISTANT AT THE MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK 2009!!! I’m dealing with the press and now witting a blog about this unique event. 

I think when starting a blog one should introduce oneself. So here I am. A 19- year- old fashion addicted Vienna/ London living girl.  Alexandra Bondi de Antoni, that’s me! But no I’m not Italian and will never be. I also don’t look Italian at all more a Nordic type, I guess… I am addicted to Diet Coke and coffee.  Do you think that one can be addicted to things like that? If I don’t have a diet coke a day (it has to be diet coke, not because of the calories, okay maybe a bit, but because of the taste, I really think that diet coke has another flavour that normal coke, but while living in London I always drink Coke Zero. In the UK Diet Coke tastes like Coke Zero. Strange world isn’t it! ;) ) I really get pissed. I love to wake up and have no clue what will happen next. I sometimes sit on a chair and while cleaning my Polaroid camera (yes I’m into photography. Surprise! Surprise!) I think about all the useful and needless things in life and it makes me happy! I am really bad at writing about me that’s why that self-description turns out to be just blablabla. I stop now and go on to more important things.

I almost forgot:  I’m not alone (every time I hear those word or have to write it, I remember my dark young...I was an Emo, a dark chapter of my short like ;) ) while writing that blog.  Two of my good fashion loving super creative friends will help me doing it. Isabelle von Spreckelsen and Lorenz Krisai will be my helping hands. I’m sure they will introduce themselves anyway, so I just mention their names and say something like watch out or something like that, that’s what you do on blogs, right!?!?!?

Okay now to the blog . . . There will be a lot of interesting things to be found on this blog. First of all the work around the fashion week will be documented. Who’s who? What can we expect from the show? Pix from parties around. Designers and people around the shows will be interviewed. Everyday designers will be described and let different people shout out their opinions about fashion. From Fashion experts, fashion legends to „Otto normal“ fashion interested people: everyone will have the chance to speak up their minds.
X, a.


  1. hey!
    i'm anxious to read all the background stories and getting an idea about the ongoings of that event!
    and by the way...there's - no doubt about that - a difference in taste between a plain coke and a diet coke!


  2. there is I know, but a lot of people say, that I just make it up ;)

    x, a.