Montag, 31. August 2009

Hey everbody!

It's Lorenz! Thats the first time I'm sending strings of words your way. Rather late I know. But hey, I just recently returned from VENICE, ITALY where I went to see the VENICE ART BIENNALE!

It was the first time I've been to the Art Biennal and I was absolutely blown away! I loved how much thought the artists put into their artworks and how many different ways of interpreting the works of modern art they offered. I did a hell of a lot of walking and was pretty exhausted at the end of the day, since the two main areas of the Biennale are A: pretty huge alone and B: not linked together, so you have to walk like half an hour to get from the Arsenale to the Giardini. It was worth it though.

I was especially impressed by Italian sculptor ARON DEMETZ who did sculptures in the form of human bodies carved out of wood and dripped parts of the bodies with pine resin. It looked absolutely amazing.

3 of Aron Demetz' wooden sculptures.

As I saw, Alex briefed you on some of my characteristics and if I remember correctly she mentioned I like streetstyle blogs such as The Sartorialist or Facehunter or Garance Doré's blog. Well, I didn't shoot any Venetians but I sure saw a couple of very well dressed people. I like the way the Italians dress. A lot of pretty women were roaming the narrow alleys in black short dresses and sandals. They didn't have a lot of accessories but one main accessory due to the burning sun were of course sunglasses ( I saw a shitload of Wayfarers) and also hats! You may say: Well isn't that how women all over the world dress in the summer? But I say, Italian women dress in a way thats effortlessly classic and elegant, yet simple AND sexy. 

I also saw a lot of men similar to several posts of Scott Schumann of The Sartorialist who shot a lot of well dressed male Italians during Milan fashion week. Casually worn shirts, loafers, often rather brightly colored (or white) trousers and a belt. Very classic, very Italian. I did a drawing so you have a rough idea what I'm talking about. Please bear with my lack of drawing skills...

Oh and while I'm still talking about Venice: You can't go to Venice without checking out the PEGGY GUGGENHEIM COLLECTION. Who hasn't already been there, definitely has to on the next visit to Venice. It's one of the most appealing collections I've seen in quite some time with works ranging from Picasso's "La Baignade" to a couple of Jackson Pollocks, sculptures by Duchamp and Giacometti just to mention a tiny bit of what you can see there.

Well that's it for now. Alex and I went down to Vienna's Zieglergasse today to meet up with designer EDITH A'GAY, who was kind enough to give us the opportunity to interview her even though she has an amazingly filled timetable! Thanks for squeezing us in there Edith!:)

So while Alex is converting the audio into text, sit tight everybody and keep checking back! The interview is going to be up in no time and it sure was a pleasure to talk to very gifted and inspiring Edith A'gay!


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