Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Jes, der iss.

Isabelle von Spreckelsen. An austrian arty farty fashion blog without me? -No way.
As one daughter of my parents, an architect marketing art manager dad and a graphic art webdesigner mum I had to do something creative. Also on the world wide web.
Most of my lifetime is spend on being creative or thinking about ideas - during sleep too.
Fashion school Palace Hetzendorf in Vienna directed me and gave me the basic knowledge. Some fashion and drawing courses, magazines and designers too.
Nevertheless, Alexandra told me to write something about myself. So. Vintage. Best Golden Retrievered Doggyfriend. Fashion Advisor for Family & Co. 1Km swimtraining each day. Photographer. Stylist. Catwalkchoreographer. Noncoffeedrinker.
Fotoshootlocationsearcher. Thumbelinasongsinger. Yes, I can. Fashion History addicted. Juniorscreenwriter. In love with color/ color contrasts and neoncolors. By the way, I´m not a Krocha! (Austrian know what is meant). Artmaker. Hatwearer. I love my hat. 
                                              Next to being 19 at the moment (getting older at the same moment) I work hard on my sense of humour. Based on my nighttimes in the jokebox it improved over the years. 
Starting blogging, working and being busy is important to bring you good, new and interesting stuff on this blog. Enjoy!

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