Dienstag, 15. September 2009

Weil in Linz beginnts....

My alarm woke me up at 6 am. I looked out of my window. Rain. Pouring rain. Great. My first trip as a blogger and it’s raining. I’m going to Linz - European Capital of Culture 2009.  Normally I do not mind rain. I actually love it. Walking in the rain and feeling every drop on my head - it's amazing. But not on that particular day. Not when you have something to do. A mission. I put on some more or less (more less than more, to be honest) rain resistant clothes and made my way to Linz to check out the city all my friends hate and find boring.

I heard about the Ars Electronia in Linz on FM4. So I thought: “Why not? Go to Linz and let a linzer Designer show you the hotspots of the city.” No sooner said than done. Christina - designer of the label MASI - agreed to show the city to Isabelle and me. Where to shop, what to see, where to eat. After that we'd check out the exhibitions.

At Masis Atelie
After we arrived at Masi's atelier and a short chat about Linz and fashion we braved the rain and went for a walk trough the city. Our first spot was the shop “KLEIDER MACHEN LEUTE” - a cool shop that sells brands like Hummel, Junl de luxe or Superdry. (Mozartstraße 19/ www.kleidermachenleute.at) We had the chance to meet the owner Anita, who also is the founder of the Linz Labyrinth.

What is Linz famous for? The Linzer tarte! The industry! The ars electronica! But not as a hotspot to go shopping. That should change with the Linz Labyrinth - a city guide for Linz. You get tips where to shop, drink, eat, sleep, party and relax. The book was published last week and you can get it for free in all the cooperating shops and tourist information centres.  (www.linzlabyrinth.at)
The OK
Kleider machen Leute

Isabelle and I got curious and even though it was raining like hell, we wandered from one shop to the other and were really impressed. Young labels, cool clothes, the right mix of everything. We especially liked the shops Peacock (Hauptplatz 29  www.myspace.com/peacockshop) and Vintage and more (Promenade 3 /   www.firstclass-secondhand.co.at). For a city that is decried as boring and industrial Linz has a lot to offer. By chance we met Lukas Fliszar graphic designer of the LINZ Labyrinth. A very charming and creative person.
Vintage& more
After that Christina showed us the OK (due to my  slight  disposition  to pronounce words in a strange way and read names in a wrong way I always said okay, even though you pronounce it O.K.). It’s a place where the linzer artsy youth gets together. They offer a lot of different things. A cinema, a museum and a few bars and restaurants.  We had a wonderful lunch in a restaurant called “DAS GELBE KROKODIL”  (OK Platz 1 www.krokodil.at ) . I had Arabic chicken with couscous and olives and Isabelle had chickpeas with rice. The pieces are okay, the portions huge and the staff really friendly. Invigorated we made our way to the museum.
Das gelbe Krokodil
Höhenrausch @OK

Höhenrausch is the name of the current exhibition of the OK. An exhibition on the rooftops of Linz. You wander from one roof to the other and see different art installations. Even though the huge ferris wheel on one of the roofs was closed because of the rain we were impressed by the work the artists did. For example the short movie "Respect the dead" by Pierre Bismuth. As soon as the first actor dies the movie ends abruptly. You sit on the top of a parking garage; cars are driving around and see this film. Gripping! There are a lot of really good installations. Go there and check it out - the exhibition is opened until the end of October, so plenty of time to make a short trip to Linz. (http://www.ok-centrum.at/ )
Taxi drive through Jerusalem 

We also experienced the project 80+1 - eine Weltreise. It’s a virtual journey to 20 countries of the world. We took a taxi and drove trough Jerusalem (http://www.taxilinkproject.com ), took pictures and sent them to Thimphu/Bhutan – the happiest place on earth, shook hands with someone who was 2 km away from us and played tug of war against a virtual enemy.
Promoting the Fashionweek
Our pix send to  Thimphu/Bhutan
Shaking hands...

So to sum it up: Go to Linz, because in Linz beginnt's :)
x, a.

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