Montag, 14. September 2009

Tom Rebl

AW: Is art an integrated part of your everyday life?
T: Yes. Although I do not consider my design work art, the origins of an artist and designer are very similar. The only difference is, that I, as a designer, have to consider a certain commercial component in my work. Whereas an artist enjoys the freedom to follow his artistic believes without compromises.

AW: Can you laugh about yourself?
T: Oh, for sure. Otherwise it would be a very sad life. If you laugh about others, you have to be able to laugh about yourself first.

AW: Would you describe yourself as vain?
T: The expression “vain” has always got a negative connotation to it. I guess it is more precise to say “I am aware of myself” and “I am taking care of myself”. If it is that what you mean by vain, then – yes - I am vain.

AW: How did you come so far?
T: Passion, dedication and a bit of talent. My work comes from the heart. I love what I am doing. And that is my key to success.

AW: What´s your philosophy of life?
T: Shake your bits to the hits!

AW: What is your definition of beauty? Do you know something "absolutely" beautiful and something "absolutely" ugly?
T: Beauty in fashion is something that comes from the inside. Even a bin bag could look beautiful on someone, if the person wears it with grace and style.
Actually very beautiful are the snowcapped Austrian Alps on a sunny day in April. What I find rather ugly is the remodelled Fiat 500. There is no need to redesign something, which is already beautiful!

AW: Whom do you admire and why?
T: Freddie Mercury for his drama and incredible lust for life. (Freddie actually spent a great part of his life in Munich, where my origin is. And some of my older friends there still tell the crazy stories about him.)
David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust for the creation of his alter ego…They are both geniuses, not only musically but also their style influenced and still influences generations.  
AW: What will people remember the most, when you have faded away?
T: I hope some highlights to remember will be still coming in the future. But - in a very modest way – I would be happy, if I will be remembered as a genuine person and friend.

AW: What piece of clothing you will never be able to throw away?
T: My three favorite t-shirts. They are already very old and torn. Some of them even changed their colour several times by having been mistreated in the washing machine. But I love the stories they tell...

AW: How do you describe your fashion?
T: Twisted and fun...

AW: Who / What  influenced you at the beginning of your creative work, who / what now?
T: A constant inspiration from the beginning on is surrealism. “Shocking Radiance“, the subtitle of the label TOM REBL, cites Elsa Schiaparelli’s fragrance from the 1920s, which were defined by surrealism. Surrealism concentrates on the subconscious and regards the world of dreams as the source of creativity, which reflects the philosophy of my work.
The word „surrealism“ means literally „above or beyond realism“. I want to escape the basic roles of the garment like functionality and pure adornment. It should function as the extension of the owner’s personality or emotions.

AW: What do you think about the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK?
T: It´s still a bit early stages. But if I would not be curious, I would not be showing.

AW: What do you expect?
T:My main focus of publicity is usually on Milan, where I show during the men´s Milan Fashion Week. So by showing in a different country, I expect to reach a new audience and finally a big aftershow-party.

AW:What is the "Austrian Style"?
T: Well, there is a lot of Heidi and very classic tailoring when it comes to fashion. But I love the luxury ski resorts and Austrian food – very stylish.

x, a.

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