Dienstag, 15. September 2009


It was sunny and warm outside when Alex and I got off the U4 at Rossauer Lände to meet up with very charming EVA POLESCHINSKI, designer of ep_anoui, at her flat/atelier. Eva let us in and soon we were talking about piles of waste, New York and Vivienne Westwood. Thanks again to Eva for taking the time to meet us:)

AW: What do you expect from the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK?
EP: Well, I expect exposure of my clothes, which is great! Plus I get to do the first show, which is amazing! I can't wait.

AW: Tell us something about the collection you'll be showing at the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK!
EP: I'll be showing SS2010. This collection was inspired by the way people use up natural resources in a very irresponsible way and in particular by a big pile of waste.

AW: Where do you get your inspiration from?
EP: All my collections are inspired by nature and social politic themes, even though people might not always see that right away.

AW: How would you describe the woman who wears ep_anoui?
EP: She is a self confident, extroverted and unique woman, I'd say.

AW: Do you think Austria is a fashion country?
EP: I think Austria definitely has a great tradition in fashion and a lot of potential. But I try to also sell my clothes in Eastern Europe. I work a lot with sequins and that's something the eastern european women like.

AW: Do you think Austria or the Austrian people have style?
EP: Well, I'd say there generally is an Austrian style, but Austrians tend to need a long time to adjust to fashion trends or to embrace certain styles. A lot of times people just lack the courage to wear whatever they feel like wearing. I think nobody has to justify why they are wearing what they are wearing.

AW: Do you dress for yourself or for others?
EP: I wear what I want to wear. You know sometimes you have to wear clothes that fit the occasion, for example when I am at events where I do my networking, but in general I wear what I want to wear and don't give a s**t. (smiles)

AW: Do you have an item of clothing that has a very special value to you?
EP: Yes, I have this vintage neckless I bought in a vintage shop in New York and I love it! Recently someone broke into my apartment, but thank god they didn't steal it.
AW: Would you rather be rich or famous?
EP: It's not really me who I want to become famous... My dress should become famous, not me.

AW: Do you know something absolutely beautiful?
EP: No, because something absolutely beautiful is boring to me. Something absolutely ugly is definitely more interesting that something absolutely beautiful.

AW: Are you inspired by a certain designer?
EP: I don't want to be inspired by a certain designer, because it influences your work unconsciously and prevents you from doing something unique. But a designer I love is definitely Vivienne Westwood. She is amazing.

AW: Who is helping you more - friends or critics?
EP: Well, I think good friends are also critics.

AW: Do you have a life motto?
EP: "Von nix kommt nix!"
(Nothing great comes easy)


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