Mittwoch, 23. September 2009


Alex and I met up with Peter Holzinger and Christian Moser of SUPERATED (thanks for taking the time to sit down with us!), to chat about their new collection called "horizontal". They showed us a couple of their clothes (which are amazing by the way), I took a couple polaroids, and in the end we stayed for an hour and a half in the atelier, talking about the fashion business, Vienna and what it was like when the first H&M opened its doors in Austria... (Comment from Alex: We get our first present in this whole fashion week circus from them: A beautiful scarf! Thanks again ;)) 

AW: Which collection will you be showing at the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK?
PH: We will be showing SS 2010. It's called horizontal.

AW: What inspired you for this collection?
PH: The main inspiration was the horizontal line.

AW: What do you expect from the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK?
CM: First of all, we think it's great that there is a Vienna fashion week now. For our expectations - we'd like to raise the level of awareness for SUPERATED, and maybe gain more shops in Austria.

AW: Who wears SUPERATED?
PH: A man in an urban environment, who isn't afraid to differ from the classic men's clothes - somebody who doesn't think he always has to wear black, just because it's safe. (laughs, because he's dressed all black and adds: "That's fun too, of course, from time to time.")
We observe that men up to the age of 45 or 50, especially who have jobs in the creative industry, wear SUPERATED.
CM: Of course, our clothes aren't too cheap, but not because we want to be an elitist label, that's not at all what we want to be, but because we care very much about fair production and high quality materials, which makes the prizes soar.

AW: What's up with the name SUPERATED? How did you come up with that?
PH: Me and a friend started the label and SUPERATED is an anagram of our names. We also very much liked it though, because it's a word that's used in the english language, but you won't find it in a dictionary. We thought it would be good to use that as a starting point - a word that's essentially nonexistent.

AW: Could you imagine living and working in another country?
PH: No.
CM: No not really, I mean i have thought about living in another country when I was younger, but it never became more than just a thought.

AW: Is there an austrian style and does Austria have style?
PH: Yes, I think so. I think Austria has a very special way of handling design. 
CM: If you look back at the last thirty years in Vienna, the viennese people have become a lot more open to new things. It's a lot more international, but I think that's the same in all the big cities of the world.
PH: The EU is also helping to connect the countries together, in terms of fashion.
CM: I remember when the first H&M opened in the SCS, 15 years ago. I was working at an advertising agency at that moment, and everyone was so excited about it. We would drive to the SCS, even though we'd usually avoid going there and it was great! You could buy t-shirts and basics that looked nice for very little money.
PH: And they were design.


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