Mittwoch, 23. September 2009


AW: Is art an integrated part of your everyday life?
N: No, design is an integrated part of my life; it is a way of viewing things. I could be that I all of the sudden notice a structure or a shape on the crowded morning train or fall in love with a colour when I watch a movie.

AW: How did you come so far?
N: Hard work and common sense, plus, having loads of fun while working. The work sprit should be light and easygoing. I do take things serious but in the end of the day it is only fashion, I keep this in the back of my head.

AW: What’s your philosophy of life?
N: 1 love everything you do and make life beautiful
2 personal growth and knowledge is important
3 respect nature
4 one person can create an avalanche

AW: What is your definition of beauty? Do you know something "absolutely" beautiful and something "absolutely" ugly?
N: I like the idea of wabi sabi, something which is an imperfect beauty and suggests a natural process.
When something is beautiful my throat starts to swell and if I see to many amazingly beautiful things I get a headache. When something is ugly it doesn’t bother me, I look away.
And then there is my favourite kind of beauty, something which is so ugly it starts becoming beautiful.  This confuses and amazes me at the same time. It plays an important role in my design process.

AW: Whom do you admire and why?
N: I admire the people around me for different reasons. It could be that I admire their ability to create order in a world of chaos or the ability to stay calm at all times or handle numbers really well. I believe that everyone has a talent and I admire this.

AW: What will people remember the most, when you have faded away?
N: Definitely my crazy lively spirit and hopefully the creations I’ve set upon this planet.

AW: Who / What  influenced you at the beginning of your creative work, who / what now?
N: I noticed that over time my inspiration has become more abstract. At first I really liked figurative stories. Now I go for abstraction, collect images and items to turn it into my own story. The concept with which I start a collection is a world on its own.

AW: What do you think about the MQ VIENNA FASHIONWEEK?
N: I’ve visited the Vienna Fashion week about 5 years ago. I think it is a really good initiative to get the Austrians more acquainted with contemporary fashion.

AW: What is the "Austrian Style"?            
N: I did my internship in Vienna at Wendy&Jim. They represent Austrian style to me. It is slow pace dry fashion with a hint of conceptual thinking.

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