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STYLISHKIDSINRIOT- Interview with Stefan Urschler

Stylish Kids in Riot- an internet platform about fashion/ lifestyle/ parties/ music and art. Founder Stefan Urschler was so kind to answer me some questions about fashion and blogging in Austria:

AW: Describe stylishkidsinriot!
S: stylishkidsinriot.com is for those who want to look beyond the table and be ahead.  

AW:When did you start the page?
S:September 2007, which mean 2 years ago. But we´ve started out at stylishkidsinriot.blogspot.com. It was just me and Leah Conolly from Florida. Since then, many things happened and more will come soon. 

AW: How did you come so far?
S: Hard Work & endless Passion

AW: Whats your philosophy of life?
S: Hard Work & endless Passion

AW:Do you think Austria is a „Bloggers Country“?
S: It depends if you mean only Fashion or all sorts of Blogging. Because we have loads of blogger, but most of them are more into other things than fashion. But we are not like the UK or Sweden. Otherwise, Germany isn´t a Blogger Country too. 

AW: What are you favorite blogs?
S: I don’t have favorites but daily reads like Businessofashion.net or Style Bubble. Ponystep.com is also a great source and Fashion156.com

AW:How would you describe your style?
S: I love the British indie rock style since 10 years. Black & White is my favorite combination. Waistcoats are great, skinny ties, silk scarves and winkle picker shoes (which I want to have soon). Tight Suits are great and so on. Topman is my favorite Store but flea markets are also great to find those kinds of things. And I really want to have a 19th Century Suit.  

AW: And the "Austrian Style"?
S: Do you mean the Public Style? Is there a typical one? Because if there is one, I think it is a dull one. But if you mean the designer, then there is no typical Style. Most of them try to do something different, but it´s a hard
way and a huge competition worldwide.

AW: What piece of clothing you will never be able to throw away?
S: My skinny ties;) 

AW: Do you use fashion to hide or to express yourself?
S:  Definitely  to express myself. 

AW: Is Austria a „fashion country“?
S: No, I wouldn´t say that Austria is a Fashion Country.  But things changed over the last couple of years in a good way. It´s a bit like in the Music Industry which is still trying to find a new way and new stars.
Fashion in Austria is connected with our Universities and Schools. Designer like Marios  Schwab, Petar Petrov, Anna Aichinger, Wendy & Jim or Peter Pilotto  and more, are important for the International 
reputation. But we do need more than this to become a Fashion Country. And I only see Fashion in Vienna at the moment and some pieces in Graz. But the rest of our Country is far away from Style. We are not Sweden;)

AW:Do you believe that Austria can play on an international level?
S:That is what our Fashion Industry have in common with the Music Industry. Both of them just started to set a new course. So it will take at least 10 years before we have a chance to play on an international level. 

AW:What do you think about the MQ VIENNA FASHIONWEEK?
S: It is a good initiative.  I´m looking forward to it, and hope that things running well. I do not expect  a lot for this year because it is just the beginning and it is really hard to establish a Fashion Week on the International Area. But it could be rise over the next years. And it really depends how they can position the whole event over the years. 

AW: Do you have a favorite designer? 
S: Hedi Slimanes Dior Homme is still great. But a bit out of date, I know;) As for the more actual ones, I´m into Gareth Pugh and Neil Young. 

x, a.

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