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Models live in lifestyle...

Models need a place to live, as everyone else does. So why not let them live in apartments instead of a normal hotel. Lifestyle Living manager Nina Einicher answered us some questions!

AW: Describe your company!
L: Lifestyle Living is Vienna’s top temporary and corporate housing provider. Ready-to-move-in apartments with all modern cons and stylish furnishings - that’s us! Fixtures include bed linen, dishes, pots and pans – basically, people just need to bring their toothbrush and suitcase and they’re ready to go. Plus, we can arrange for à la carte service packages.

AW: Who is your target audience?
L: Diverse people with a need for upmarket temporary housing: business travellers, job nomads and relocating employees, to name but a few. Our clientele is very international and ranges from personnel of large companies and diplomatic missions to touring artists.

AW: Why are you cooperating with the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK?
L: The Fashion Week is all about design and style which is also at the heart of Lifestyle Living. Several renowned architects have worked on the revitalisations of our apartment buildings ensuring state-of-the-art design solutions. Also the furnishings of the individual apartments are chosen to reflect a contemporary modern lifestyle. The Fashion Week is a perfect opportunity to introduce our portfolio of stylish apartments to people who appreciate a stylish living experience.
In addition to that, it’s a pleasure to be associated with a Vienna fashion event run to international standards.

AW: What do you expect?
L: We certainly hope to raise awareness of the Lifestyle Living brand. Making more people aware of our impressive apartment portfolio and spreading the word of the serviced apartment as an affordable alternative to the cramped hotel room for extended stays.

AW: Do you think Austria is a „fashion country“?
L: Austria is definitely not on the same level as Paris, Milan or London, but to my mind, Austrians have become more fashion conscious over the last decade – not only because of many international fashion stores have opened outlets in Austria, but also because of a growing interest in and success of many young Austrian fashion designers.

AW: Describe your style!
L: By and large I prefer an eclectic mix of high-street fashion and individual outfits from smaller boutiques: fashionable, not over the top, still functional. I do splash out on the occasional piece of designer clothing, though. My current favourites are Ed Hardy t-shirts and blouses from Burberry.

Lifestyle living- official partner of the MQ VIENNA FASHIONWEEK
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