Freitag, 18. September 2009

About Elke Freytag...

My fashion is...elegant and sophisticated. My goal is to bring more colour into urban life.

Beauty is... nature

Ugly is...the shabby parts of the city

From the MQ VIENNA FASHIONWEEK I expect... more clients in Austria

I get inspired by... everything. The style of my collection is very consistent. The basic colours are black and white. To those I add splashes of bright colours.

I look up to...Karl Lagerfeld and Egon Schiele

Women, who are... standing in their lives, working, often doctors ...wear Elke Freytag.

Fashion is...Fashion. I do not see fashion as art. Garments are practical. Fashion is beautiful.

Designing is.. the same as constructing a house. A cutaway is basically the same thing as a plan for a house.

My goal is... to be remembered for my fashion and for what I've created.

Elke Freytag, 23.09.2009

x, a.

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