Dienstag, 8. September 2009

March on workerbees

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me: “What are you actually doing at your work?” So I thought Ill write something about it. I think that it is important to show who’s behind a project like this. The “small” people, the workers, who put a lot of effort into a project but no one thanks them. Like in Egypt for example. The pharaohs didn’t build the pyramids, the workers did and no one thinks about them while thinking about the pyramids.  (Berthold Brecht wrote a really good poem about it; it took me really long to remember it, I did know that it exists but didn’t know the name, so thx Elli for helping me out. I had to read it in my German class and was really impressed by it!  The poem is called “Fragen eines lesenden Arbeiters” http://www.sgipt.org/wisms/geswis/brecht.htmSo viele Berichte, so viele Fragen...) I do not want that to happen here so I am taking over and everyone will know everything about everyone ;

The office is located in the middle of Vienna. It’s an old house, a really old house but modern inside. (I know what interesting news ^^) My work consists of working on this blog, running around and interviewing designers, making pictures and emailing with interesting people. (I recently mailed with Yvan, the facehunter. He will come to Vienna for the Fashion Week while Diane Pernet from A shade view on fashion can not make it, I am actually a bit sad about this. I really love her blog and it would have been great to meet her. But maybe another time, I’m still young ;)). I also have the total control over the facebook and twitter Fashion week page and update it regularly. So if you ever see a new post like EMMA BELL @ MQ VIENN AFASHION WEEK 2009 think about me ;)

So that’s the cool part of my job! But now the truth! The honest truth! I’m an intern! And I’m doing all the things an intern has to do. That means calling hundreds of journalists and asking them the same question over and over again (Hello, Alexandra from couragepr on the phone, I just wanted to ask you if you have . . . ), filling documents, send journalists the information they need or helping whoever needs help, information or something else. I don’t have to make coffee or carry things around. I really do appreciate it!  Now I am starting my forth weeks, gosh times runs sooo fast. I really love my work and what I am doing.
To be honest at the beginning I was a bit afraid. I am sure you all know the clichés about fashion people. Sophisticated, overdressed, underfucked  and very superficial. If you do not wear the newest clothes you get looked at as if you are an alien and so on. But not here everyone is chilled and relaxed and you see that they love what they are doing.
So here they are: The MQ VIENNA FASHIONWEEK TEAM 2009

 They are the chefs of this whole project and are working really hard to make everything work.

 Severin (always joking around;)
He is in charge of the showroom and works on the program.


 They are dealing with the designers.

 She puts the program together.
I think she is my direct boss. I am doing everything she tells me to do. We are dealing with the press, journalists and designers and are organizing the events around the fashion week.

So I am off for lunch!
X, a.

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