Dienstag, 8. September 2009

...and every day should be a work of art

"When you move you should dance, and when you talk you should sing and when you think you should think in poetry. Everything one makes should be a work of art & every day should be a work of art." - George Herms

This is one of my favourite quotes. So why am I telling you that? I want to invite you to a special exhibition. Berit Ransmayr- a talented young photographer- will show her amazing work from the 09/09/09 until the 15/09/09.  

We will be there, hope you too!

When?     09/09/09 - 15/09/09
Where?    Praterstraße 15 
                 1020 Wien 
                 Tube station: Swedenplatz

x, a.

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