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While sipping our coffee (it was very early in the morning as we met Sandra Thaler - one half of Elfenkleid) for this interview) out of the most gorgeous mugs I have ever seen, we had the chance to learn a bit more about this amazing brand the philosophy behind it.

AW:Which Collection will you be showing at the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK?
E: We will be showing our Black Edition, which ist our first collection of red carpet dresses. They are all made-to-order and we sell them from our shop here.

AW: You also have a Prêt-à-Porter collection though...
E: Yes, we have been showing in Paris, Milan and Tokyo last year, but we are sort of focusing more on the couture line lately. We now make both evening dresses and wedding dresses.
We cut back a little on the Prêt-à-Porter, because in times like these, with the financial crisis, we try to shift our concept a little bit. Right now it's too risky to travel to Paris, Milan and Tokyo and to present the clothes there. It's very expensive and takes a lot of time.

AW: So you will not be showing in Paris this year?
E: No. We will concentrate more on Austria.

AW: Where do you get your inspiration from?
E: Pressure. (laughs) For me inspiration comes from movies, books, magazines, conversations – anything, really.

AW: Do you both draw the designs?
E: Yes, we both draw the designs and then decide which drawings we will actually use.

AW: How would you describe your customers?
E: Well, we have a very wide range of customers, but in general I’d say women from 30 upwards. I would say we make clothes for women who want to underline their character and don’t want to use clothes to hide behind them.

AW: Do you think Austria is a fashion country?
E: I think there's a lot going on in Austria in terms of fashion design. A lot of new, young fashion designers emerge and make a lot of new, young austrian clothes... Something's happening - you can feel it. You don’t really see that on the street though. Austrians still tend to dress very conservatively.

AW: What do you expect of the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK?
E: I want to present Elfenkleid on a national level and hopefully find new austrian customers.

AW: Do you think Vienna will possibly become as important as Paris, in terms of fashion?
E: Vienna is Vienna and will stay Vienna. There's no direct competition between Vienna and Paris or Milan. But I definitely think it's great that we now have the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK in Austria.

AW: Do you have any favourite designers?
E: No, not really. I mean, I appreciate designers who have a strong recognition value. Designers whose clothes are unmistakably theirs. For example Anne Demeulemeester or Karl Lagerfeld. It doesn’t matter whether or not I especially like what they’re doing, I appreciate that you immediately know it’s designed by them. After all, that’s what makes them successful. At big events like Paris, there is such an enormeous amount of designers and you really realize that only the ones who have "the whole package“ make it really big. You have to eventually have your own show to be accepted. Just being represented in the showrooms isn’t enough. Even if you are in a lot of magazines, that doesn’t mean your sales go up.

AW: How did you come up with the name „Elfenkleid“?
E: That was really the idea of a friend, who came up with that shortly after we graduated from school. We liked the name, because it stays in your head, and it sounds very romantic. But when you see the actual clothes you're surprised because it's not that romantic. "Feel modern yet romantic."

AW: What's your life motto?
E: Live in the moment.

AW: What's your biggest achievement so far?
E: Hm... I can't think of one particular achievement, all I know is that we can be proud about everything that has happened so far and there are big things in store for us. (smiles)

26.09., 20.00- 20.30  FASHIONZELT

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