Freitag, 11. September 2009


Wednesday 8 pm was the official start of an exhibition of a friend of mine, BERIT RANSMAYR. Alex posted the invitation yesterday I think. 

Berit on the right with her friend Anna

I guess probably 100 people showed up and made the place pretty crowded, but since the night was warm, people were soon standing outside as well, drinking wine, smoking and talking. It was a very nice atmosphere, very laid back. I had my polaroid camera with me and took a couple of pictures! Alright, so for everyone who isn't familiar with Berit's work: Berit takes pictures. That's not the only artistic thing she does, but it's definitely the focus of this exhibition, since solely photographs are up on the walls. She has her very own style, which is great at such a young age and I'd say if you're a fan of fashion photography you'll like what she does. But not only. She has a good 50 polaroids up in one of the corners of the exhibition space (arranged in a very cool way).

My friends Hanna and Paolo in front of the polaroids

Another wall is occupied by about a dozen square photographs, which look great arranged like that.
Well anyway, it doesn't really make a lot of sense to describe where everything is and what everything looks like, you'll have to see for yourself!

My friend Coco taking pictures

It's only 5 minutes away (by foot) from SCHWEDENPLATZ, and you could rush through the exhibition in 5 minutes (even though I'd definitely say you should linger a little and take your time to look at everything).
So make sure you check that out next time you're on the Schwedenplatz! You have time to do that until the 15th! That's a little less than ONE WEEK, so hurry! You won't regret it:]

Praterstarße 15


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