Mittwoch, 16. September 2009

Gitta Saxx & Callisti

I herewith declare a new cooperation in the Vienna Fashion scene between Gitta Saxx and Martina Müller- chef designer of Callisti. How great the clothes and the Playmate of the Century and Beauty & Lifestyle Expert   fit together I realized as I found myself in Martina Müllers showroom as part of a fitting between those two. Both are sexy and very feminine. The clothes- which are made to bring out every women’s female side, no matter you are wearing a size 34 or a size 40- as well as former Dancing star Gitta Saxx, who describes her style as glamorous hippy style.  While talking to them I also realized that there have very similar personalities. They both like the nature (Martina has a little garden where she grows her own tomatoes and Gitta always gets her energy back while walking through the wood), are convinced that Vienna will become a fashion city soon and have the same idea about beauty. For them beauty is individual and personal and cant be described with words.
I love Gittas Budda necklace

Lets wait and see how this goes on, maybe well see Gitta at the Callisti show next week?  We can only wait and see…

24.09., 18.00- 18.30  

x, a

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