Samstag, 26. September 2009


The catering behind the fashion week. The crew, backstage people, models, hair and make up artists, security: we all need something healthy to eat in order to have enough power for the whole day. So Dietix is indulging us with low-calorie meals. There are three different kinds of taste:

classical (the topseller chicken and pasta)
mediterrean (the favourite spaghetti toscana)
vegeterean (the prefered meal salmon with wildrice and pepper)

All of them are developed with the professional help of sport scientists and nutrionists. We should all eat five times a day. At least two warm meals and small snacks such as fruit, yoghurt or cereal during the day.

You eat Dietix´s healthy food six days a week and on sunday you get a break. Based on the experience of people, who eat those meals, the head of Dietix knows that most people also want to cook something on their own at least once a week. When you strictly eat after the plan you are able to loose 2kg a week.

Not only women are fans of Dietix, also men. Due to big demand they are going to start offering a catering service to business offices. Good, healthy and lightwheigt food keeps the busy manager and `office stallions´ alive.

If you want to know your body details and need advice concerning better nutrition grab 4-7 friends and ask for one of Dietix´s specialists and book an appointment.

Especially models need healthy food because they have fittings and 5 to 7 shows a day. And of course we all need the strength to be persistent and to `maybe baby´ rock out at the aftershow parties.  

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  1. warum wurden nur von diesem fashion-week-tag keine klamotten veröffentlich?
    (tom rebl, superated, kilian kerner, non by kim...)