Freitag, 25. September 2009


Day one of the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2009 is over. Sooooo what happened? The first shows took place and I thought why not go backstage and check out the designers, models, hair, make-up and what else is going on. Arriving after sitting in the office for hours checking all the lists and stuff I expected hectic designers and stressed- out models after a long fitting day. But far from that! While talking to Eva (ep_anoui), Gina (Gina Drewes) and Marcos (Tiberius) I experienced the real backstage feeling: A few hours before the first show everyone was chilled and slowly started to get ready. I even had the chance to sit down and have a chat with Sergej Benedetter- head of the backstage hair and make-up team. It was really interesting getting a view on fashion from a hair and make-up artist who worked in that business for more that 17 years. He was really enthusiastic to explain me why this project is so great:  "The MQ Vienna Fashion Week is a good platform for young and innovative designers. I think that Austria has a lot of potential to become a fashion city and to be accepted in the same way as Berlin is. Vienna is different and new. If you look on the streets you find lots of London inspired people. What I do not like are the big brands that dictate a style that everyone adapts. I sometimes buy clothes at Zara but I think Vienna needs more small boutiques."
Gina Drewes and Marcos (Tiberius)


 Eva (ep_anoui) fixing her clothes

Talking about Make up and Hair styling Sergej told me that doing a fashion show is a lot of stress. Coordinating all the ideas of the different designers and finding a pathway is difficult. Usually the looks of the shows are similar with a few nuances added.( For example smoky eyes in black and for the next show smoky eyes in brown)For the MQ Vienna Fashion Week the hairs are done by Ultima Group and the Make up by Head Pro.

Kordula getting ready


I agreed with him as he explained to me the difference between Vienna and the rest of the world n the context of peoples relationship to beauty. "Vienna has no Make-up culture. The Austrian women do not like to put on make up. Their hair is more important for them. For me clothes, hair and make-up are directly linked together. You can stand out of the masses trough your clothes or hair and make up. Its what makes you different!"

some of Eva Poleschinski models

Half an hour before the kick-off Regina Szalay, head of the make-up team, was so kind to explain me how a make up team works at a fashion show. They arrive 2 to 3 hours before the show and are depending on the among of models between 8 and 10 people. I also had a chance to have a quick chat with Kordula- winner of the Model WG. I met her once before and have to say that she is a really nice and charming person. Ahhh I love being backstage at a fashion show. The vibe before the how starts is more than great. I hope the pix have captured that magic feeling a bit!


Later more!

x, a.

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