Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010


Liebe Leute.

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Dienstag, 29. September 2009

Fashionweek in Polaroids

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x, a.

Sonntag, 27. September 2009




The fashion week is almost over. We had great shows, nice parties were stressed, had fun, meet new people and experienced a lot. But one thing was missing in this whole fashion circus - Urban fashion and lifestyle. A segment that boomed in the last years and has a huge following ship in Austria. Tatendrang brings this segment to the MQ Vienna Fashion Week. With their urban concept at the MQ their created a unique feeling. Tomorrow at the last day of the fashion week everything is under the motto urban. There will be shows and a program around it. In advance I had the chance to talk to two of the urban exhibitors- Stil Laden and besser- biken.

Besser bikern is an internet shop that will be re-launched soon and focus in customized bikes. In your world getting something special is really important to everyone. If you would like a bike from them you tell them what you want and they will put it together for you- no matter if you more interested in a classic bike with technique gadgetry or a mountain bike in a nice design. They working together with a stylish Gregor and you can chose between different designs. Hans- Georg, owner of the shop, says: "What is important to know is that we combine technique knowhow with the aspects of style. Being at the fashion week means reaching a new target audience. Your bikes start at around 1500 € and can go up to 7000 € depending on the technique specialities." 

Stil- Laden is a skate shop and sneaker boutique that sells a huge variety of different brands, books, clothes, sneakers and everything that is related to the skater and urban lifestyle. Talking to Michael, the manager of the shop, he honestly told me that being at the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK did not bring them a lot of new customers. Fashion week visitors are more fashion than urban related. But on the 10th of Oct the Sneakerness will take place in the Alte Markthalle Wien. An event where all the big brands will show their shoes, there will be a trade market where collectors will present their collection and a lot more to expect. The grand final will be a Party in the Prate sauna.

Today is the big urban show, so come and check it out!!!

x, a.

Streetstyle around the fashion tent